l o v e is an amazing 4 letters word.
Monday, 31 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

the history of 'O' level repeated itself.
once again 'GREAT' result for polytechnic :/

I'll be kind and show you my result,
but yeah don't laugh at it if you haven took it uh!

*laugh at ownself*
not even an A or stupid B+, even mindworks got C!
Conclusion: Last minute revision don't work for me

but honestly i am glad i got an C at least for math -.-
those classmates must had all gotten AD (Dist) instead
i'll go continue my online shopping to cheer me up a little!
if you're kind enough to sponsor then it will be much better
and i swear i will study hard when april start,
nevermind at least i cleared the stupid Engineering Math 1
so i'll be like: Engineering Math 2, i gotta overcome you!! ^^

but one major problem is,
feel so cheated by Ngee Ann, hahas okay cool down, extra credits
just counted my GPA for this, i can't believe it is so louya~
anyway, will be going back NP with Esther for our software thingy,
SOE students going to Blk 72, hahas because Blk 46 can't be trusted

Sunday, 30 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

First and foremost,
it is 02:09 now but i can't get to sleep!

some overdue pictures:

i didn't know she took these pictures (!?)

okay i just uploaded like 20+ pictures but then
i accidentally cleared the HTML codings! wtf sia
maybe uploading them into friendster or something.

What i did these few days:
(1) Meet up with Sarah at City Hall
(2) Lunched with Michelle
(3) Went Botanic Garden with Elijah
(4) Wedding dinner of i-donno-who

you know a lazy person like me is not going to
blog out everything in details, i am not so stupid either.
So if you're so interested in my life then just tag me
i'll TRY MY BEST to blog them out *evil laugh*

ohdamnit :(
i just realised we (NPP class)'s result is out tomorrow!
i alway thought is 12th april check sia, kns
this is my first time taking result as a poly student
so i need i'll be taking back the grades for:
- Engineering Math
- Mindworks
- Sport & Wellness
- Learning to Learn (?)

i hope i fail Engineering Math and i meant it.
you know even if i happen to pass, it gonna be border line,
at least if i fail i can be a smartass in my class
the situation go like this ... ... ...
Lecturer: 'Class! Anyone know complex number already?'
neoshihui: 'ME! ME! ME! I KNOW IT! :D'
you see la, cause even A-math student never learn

i hope i don't fail Learn to Lead module,
if i fail what can they do to me sia?
dump me in Kota Tinggi and learn leadership myself!?
but actually i don't mind going back, its fun okay!
thinking twice. going back along fun meh? like duh! -.-

Friday, 28 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)


my very lousy O level cert! :D

I woke up at 9am today, so proud of myself!
10.30 meet peiyi, gene and kathrynn to go EVG
and take back our O level cert, i reached at 10.10 -.-
frankly, i forgot how long i need to reach school from home
went admin office and saw mr henry, but he ignored uh
have lunch/breakfast in school, i hate recess time. so crowded
went home and fall alseep again, ohmygod.
so my plan to go Ngee Ann to install softwares failed (2nd time)

siao char bor esther lee ming ying is blaming me!
for making her addicted to online shoping, HAHAHAAHHS.
but yeah honestly, it is better than real life shopping.
last year, i got my eyelash thingy from TheFaceShop for $12.90,
and i found out that oversea selling at $7+ including shipment la!
so you see uh, i am actually saving money (look at the bright side)

something to share (the things i am getting):

(cannot be clicked, no hyperlink)

just received the letter from NP, so many pages @.@
so the camp is optional, like i don't be a fool and go there
but still have to attend compulsory breifing from 9.00-13.00
4 hours to stone there, i already know my lecturers well LOLS!

Frankly, i don't be able to reply your question,
because you seem t be bombing me with them. one after another
i guess this time round we really have to end it. i`m sorry

35 sprees&preorders! (click!)
(click to enter, do support!)

i`m wearing my spec once again,
seriously scared that degree go up and up and UP!

Thursday, 27 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

i feel great today,
because i just vacuum-ed my room!

once again, i am hooked to online shopping,
below are some bags i am getting from PGMall:
(click on the picture to enter the website)

Bucket Bag, Stylo-Milo :D

The real one is from Japan,
Selling At Candy for like $60+
So i'll just get my fake one from taiwan :(

This is so cool, so cool, so cool~

This one not sure want buy or not,
still deciding. see my economic status first :D

I spent my morning trying to figure out the meaning of:

i better go study on my chinese too,
since my english is already bad enough :/
don't wanna be someone who is poor in chinese and english
ahh! stupid seller send wrong item to me, MY SHOE~
can't even wear it now, it will fly out when i try to walk :(

went to do meetup today, quite good today.
at least there isn't anyone who is later for very long lor ^^
i think i am going back EVG soon, for my O level cert,
which is like so meaningless cause my result is 'GREAT'
trying to get someone to pei me go back, hahahahas!
but then like not much friends stay around Woodlands uh!

9th april please don't come! orientation sucks~
i should be glad that MDE only 1 day is compulsory,
some schools need to go back fro 3 days! omgomg :x
the girl representing International Supply Chain is fake la!
this is a new course, so she must be asked to act act ah
got no mood to go through orientation again,
like at least we already know where to find nice food :D

(1) Clean up my messy room & living room
(2) Go Ngee Ann Poly and install softwares
(3) Get my O level cert from Evergreen Secondary
(4) Meet mich for lunch and bitching session!
(5) Watch all the disc that i have not cleared
okayokay, lets leave it as 5 first? hurhurs!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

Slept till 3pm again,
OMGOMG! like so lifeless please :(

Supposed to go back NP for the software installation,
cause i booked today 2pm, and i overslept!
wanted to book again but they don't allow lor! kns -.-
nevermind, i think i'll just let this drag on uh, whatever
somemore my CPF thingy haven even completed yet
hopefully they don't kick me out of Ngee Ann Poly, huahuas

off i go to online shopping again, wooooowoahwoahs! :D
meeting those idiots tonight for dinner.
you know who you are! don't be late uh! esp Gary :x\

*/Back to Update @ 11:14/*
mike tan last minute say don't want come out!
rawwr~! next time don't jio him out for dinner anymore.
nevermind still managed to meet Gary, Stephie, Bel and Elijah
& the curry chicken gary is being stupid today, see below,
Gary: 'Uncle, i want this *point at marlboro light*'
Indianman: 'Boy, you sure you legal age'
Gary: 'Is my sis want buy la, she 23 liao sia, cannot meh!?'
Indianman: '*Talk to his wife(?) in their language*'
Indianwoman: 'Here you go, boy.'
stupid idiotic act, he forget he is not supposed to buy la -.-

anyway i received my pashmina shawls and so happy now,
but the seller sent 2 wrong colour to me. knn :x
nevermind, at least it is not white or orange uh! cause have already
i remembered i only worn my white shawl for once and became dirty
then orange one was so striking, attract attention only la

Kai Na (2008), Friendster, Retrieved 25th Mrach 2008 from

see i so nice credit her in the proper way.
anyway its just for fun la :D

Monday, 24 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

The first time i woke up so early ever since NPP ended,
met su zhen and we went for our laksa treat :D
then she go back to training and i went to Woodlands Reg Int
to take my bus 960 to Bukit Panjang Plaza (BPP)
surprisingly i actually reached at 12:20, we're meeting at 13:00

Everyone was late except Kezia! some of them lived so near uh!
hurhurs! the next thing is to go rent some disc to watch,
2 choosen one: Oujia Board, Freeze! your sex is under control
go buy the ingredients for our steamboat, and some snacks
took cab to elaine's house, once again 5 person hahas :)
play with nuinui which appear to be scary to me at first LOLS
prepared the food for steamboat and its eating time~
we played the 'Freeze! your sex is under control' disc,
but apparently everyone was busy eating and did not watch

cleaning time and prepared to watch Oujia board,
they even switched off the light and the atmosphere became scary~
its been so long since i last experienced dian xian, kinda cool but ... ...
if not wrong the first time was primary 6 and the recent sec 3 at redhill
however, decided to pause it and time to celebrate elaine's birthday :D
home-sweet-home, its a fun day with the NPP peeps!

Kota Tinggi - BBQ night (the wet people) huahuahuas!
Credit: stolen from Herlina's Friendster :D

Next gathering! Esther's Birthday~ HOORAYS!

Sunday, 23 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

TO: Mr You-Know-Who
You made me cry once again after the last breakup,
i thought this time round i will be so 'steady'
seriously, i even forget what you told me months ago
about writing a 'i love neoshihui' once a day until we break
i can't believe you actually really did that because
you never did mention about it again after that time :)

Coming all the way down from Tampines to Woodlands,
knocking on my house door and pass me the book
yeah counting it together was fun, but tears dropped down.
622 days of love

i guess i will stop talking for some days,
so don't be too shocked when you see me in one corner
not making any noise like what i alway do.
time to think what is true friendship.

anyway, have i ever told you something important?
smartass liujiamin (bestie cum cousin) came back to SG!
proudly with a ACC degree from England's xxxx (idk la!)
she came to my house just now and we went out for dinner,
now here she is in my bed sleeping soundly. wooowoahwoah!

friends can be real unreasonable and petty, okay SOME friends.
or maybe i shouldn't be using plural form because it is just 1
thankyou for being so disorganise and yet raising your voice
thankyou for acting as if you're some slut/chicken around geylang
thankyou for being so LC and making us seem so high-class
you know, i doubt i have been so polite in my life before :)
* something to declare (important!!)
that girl is not from evergreen sec nor ngee ann poly,
so i hope this is pretty much obvious ah Miss Hong ^^

Saturday, 22 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

Friends can be petty at times,
even after much explanation done.

All 4 One, One 4 All ( We rock-ed the waterfall!)

ohgosh, i am still waiting for NP to send us the pictures,
can't stop myself from checking the e-mail.
but it never fail to make me upset, not sent yet uh! :(
i want the 'class photo' that have the whole NPP class of 2008
you know when i think back of 2 months ago - the orientation day
i don't even know a single soul there please. back to now (the ending)
i got myself so many crazy friends, ohman i gonna miss them

i spent my day at home sleeping cause i am lazy to walk out
my muscles are aching like hell, counterpain is the cure x33
okay something stupid i had done just now, real paiseh sia
thought that today was the last day for cpf online application
when it is actually 22th april then last day lor! kns damn s now

*/it is 00:00 now! so i wanna say... .../*
Happy 23rd Birthday to Stephanie Ng
Happy 17th Birthday to Elaine Ng
omg, i just realised both of them are 'Ng's hurhurs :D

Friday, 21 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

2 months/8 weeks of NPP ended
but the memories will alway stay, believe it or not.

for those who don't know yet, we just break up yesterday :)
hahas. like what i mentioned months ago during november,
he is a great guy. just that i am too tired for relationship.
anyway, thank you for the 1 year 8 months 13 days.
we're still bestfriends! but yeah time for you to focus in studies.
i feel bad for making you unable to study well or focus
yes, 나는 아직도 너를 사랑한다 too

*/Updated on 22nd March/*
i am back from Oversea Leadership Camp - ALIVE!
the camp is damn fun and it is a mixture of emotions
you can be angry, happy, sad and whatever you feel
anyway i really love my group All4One :)
we rock the kota tinggi waterfall! i'll upload the photos next time

The first time i saw the name list i was like going:
' KNS, so many dao people around, damnit!'
hahas but in fact most of them turned to be super nice and friendly
though i just can't get myself to be hyper at all, idk why too
maybe i am not so used to talk to unclose friends?
seriously i love most of my team members, awwwws! :D
The BBQ night was fun, playing around with friends, so cool uh

But the third day is kinda sad, many people cried during the exchange
obviously i did not cried, like i am not heartless or anything.
for fcuking sake, i hate people labelling me as heartless like this
p.s.: take it as my tears are precious, though it is damn fake :)
i am lazy to blog because there is no pictures and i am in a rush

All of you are great, you guys took a huge part in my memories.
we survived through this 2 months of suffer.
Lets enjoy for 3 weeks before we join the JAE students to battle again

fyi: when i use the word 'please lor' on you,
you gonna be aware how pissed off i am. cbk,

Monday, 17 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

Oversea Leadership Camp
Kota Tinggi from 18th March till 20th March

This morning woke up a little earlier than usual,
because we're supposed to reach StaffHub at 8.30am
meet Esther, the siao za bor, at NP bus stop, huahuas
luckily can anyhow group ourself for today lor, with
with Nessya, Elaine, Esther, CunFang, Herlina, Joleen, KaiNa
and our group name is BaGay (爆牙八人组) Laugh-Out-Loud

Lecture and lectures, who on hell is listening?
was busy playing games and chit-chatting at the back of the room,
then lunch, buffet style again! like omg. Ngee Ann is so nice to us uh?
know our grouping and i think is anyhow group de ba,
luckily got Joleen same group as me, if not i'll cry there man!
KaiNa and Elaine same group, Nessya and Cunfang then Herlina and Esther
so at least we've a partner each with us, and we can meet at night!!

went Dover MRT to wait for peiwen and brenda,
but they're still having briefings (plural i mean!) hahas,
so i went to Woodlands first and dinner there with them.
its been so long since i last tasted Long John Silver larhs!

anyway i hope the camp will be fun.
got to go pack my stuffs before i fall asleep.
like fcuk, i have to wake up at 5 tomorrow please~ :(

Sunday, 16 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

` 070706 ; 李志翔&梁诗慧

online shopping is so sinful,
my bank balance kept decreasing la :(
i am in love with 4 bags from PGMall, getting 2 of them
and i just ordered 4 shimmer eyeliners WOAH lovedd!
then 6 Pashmina shawl, its going at super low price ok!
aww, i can't stop myself, continue to shop now. byebye

*/edited at 19:37/*
Thanks Joleen for uploading the pictures :)
there're 200 pictures so obviously i don't have time to edit all.
below is 5 out of the 200 LOLS! i'll post other pics another day uh

aerobic is damn fun, but we didn't managed to end it well
slacking inside the restroom insead of working out

The group photo at Red Dot Musemum (CATS class)

Last CATS lesson :(
mixture of BA and SOE students (no odd one out right?)

CATS's class grouping (4 groups 18 students)


Saturday, 15 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

i`m kinda bloody and cold-hearted

hahas! i enjoy playing with my new editor :)

i spent most of my time at home, like 3/4 of the day?
woke up at 7am since i am supposed to go singpost today,
after that went yishun to meet some people who i haven seen for long,
Mike, Stephie, Gary, Ah Hock, Belinda, Sarah, Ian & Elijah (LMAOS!)
breakfast-ed together and apparently mike's phone rang so oftenly
think ah ben phoned him? because of some problem with _______.
so Mike, Gary, Hoock, Ian and Elijah went down to Redhill meet ben
* the 'forever getting into trouble' gang uh*
and i decided to go home and have my 16-hours sleep again :D

im kinda tired again, without valid reason ^^
and i have yet to do any of the enrolment thingy
so i better go figure out how to get started
before Ngee Ann decided to kick me out of the school
*/edited at 11.41pm/*
hahas guess what? i am almost done with the enrolment thing
about 80% done, now only left printing of CPF form
then go to Blk 1 on monday before the camp briefing.
feel more relaxed now~ all thansk to the forum-ers in sgc :D


Friday, 14 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

4 months ago was a joke.

flashing back 4 months ago,
the exact same day - 14th Nov 2007.
a sad day for us, our breakup day :)

i got so sick of my white background so i changed to lavender.
because it doesn't motivate me to blog or anything. LMAOS
anyway i was all ready for school this morning,
most likely because DPA life is no lonber stress thus i enjoyed
i my CATS classmates (even though not all)
so gonna miss people like them (not in order or anything) :
kezia, herlina, joleen, cun fang, kai na, elaine, esther, nessya
maybe because i spent more time with them recently? lovely!

Met peiyi at Woodlands Interchange since she need to come NP,
i missed my usual bus 961 but heck, i still got bus 963 :D
and still i`m the first to reach but the uncle has yet to open the door
the school decided to upgrade thus changing their chairs and table
Last Mindworks lesson, Mr Samuel Tan is nice la!
i don't know why i wasn't that happy anymore to see DPA ending :(
this might even be the last time we meet each other
OHYEAH OFC NOT! we've date next next monday, looking forward

Lunched at SIM again with the same group of girls, huahuahuas
then usual place - OurSpace and ghost stories again~
the uncle told us not to keep talking about ghost cause might see them
guess he did see some before thus the warning given to us? lol
industry visit was tiring, i almost fall asleep. home-sweet-home.

i didn't managed to meet him today,
since he went off to JB for whatever reason again.
and i`m going for camp real soon. hmmmm
perhaps he should learn to be more obedient,
instead of keep getting into trouble and bad records

i tried to make myself feel more comfortable with her,
but the result was clear that the mission failed.
cause i can't stop showing my 'sian diao' face :)

don't you find every action she do is so irritanting and weird?
i am not the only one complaining about how she present herself,
its clear that the problem is with her, a bigbig problem.
perhap because of the 'uncommon' environment she used to be in
go reflect on what you've done, knn.

Thursday, 13 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

ohmyfcukinggod. juuuuuuunye told me somthing,
she used my name and link to tag
someone who i didn't even know and seem to be in ISCM
are you trying to make me look as if i i want to make friend?
huahuahuas! whatever la, i am still focusing in my schoolwork.
like the 17646837 times i said, DPA is ending soon! next week!


i tried to stay awake last time to study for my math,
but without realising, i fall asleep halfway without much revision :(
so i woke up at 6am to prepare for school, and to reach there earlier
i was once again the first to reach, at 8am. sms-ed Mr Tan,
and he say he will only be able to reach around 9, wahhhhhs!
no choice but to do revision outside the smelly classroom on my own.
hopefully i can pass the test, or maybe fail by a few marks also can,
just that overall must pass la! i don't want take EGMath 1 with JAE peep

we didn't managed to have lunch, so went four leaves to buy food
with the 3 PDI girls, haha! and of course we ended up being late -.-
the visit was damn boring la, so we've to find some fun ourself.
somehow i find the 'factory' look alike as flextronics plastic lor!
elaine and nessya just can't stop being a 'pervert' in the bus,
if only the CATS class can stay forever, without changing classes.
but it is 100% impossible since we're from different sections :(

please come and end before my kota tinggi trip next week!

dinner date with boyf is forever fun and relaxing :D
i love him! can't image not seeing/contacting him for 4 days

Wednesday, 12 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

i didn't noticed until today,
how foolish i was in the past 16 years of life.

i feel so happy and full of energy now~
because after tomorrow, i'll be totally a stress-low person.
lets just study hard and burn midnight oil for tonight,
so that we can achieve our targets in tomorrow's final exam!
hopefully i can pass my EGMath 1 foundation module.

anyway today is the last CATS class we have in DPA.
but of course not the last time i`m going to see the lovely peeps!
we still have friday's mindworks and next week oversea camp.
had a small competition and sad enough our group got last,
but still i enhoyed myself, not during the game, its during the break!
lunched at SIM, the fish fillet was nice and crispy but can't fill stomach,
with kezia, joleen, elaine, esther, kai na and nessya.
i can't wait for the next next week's monday man! its DPA day (like duh!)
steamboat at elaine's house and catch a movie, hopefully horror one ^^

after eating, we proceed to OurSpace to find herlina,
next stop was the Games Room and topic was: haunted house and ghost
obviously i totally still freak out when i think of the primary 6 thingy
and the secondary 1 or secondary 2 ghost experiences. ohman!
after what i heard about kota tinggi, i think i don't look forward to it now.
if i don't come back on time, please help me to call the police okay? :x
aerobic is so sad, we didn't manage to complete our hip-hop lessons cause
fiona (instructor)'s car broke down along the expressway. so poor thing!

Math class after S&W, from 4pm till 7pm. so hardworking ah~
small classes are better lor, so much easier to understand huahuas
but my stomach kept telling me: 'time for dinner, time for dinner'
i've no dinner for me at home cause i thought i'll be released at 9 lor
went Bukit Timah to eat dinner with elaine and esther,
hahas i think none of us know how to cross the road properly la.
thank god we're still alive in one whole piece :D
shared stingray and tapioca veg, satays and had sugar cane drink + lemon
i reached home only at 10.20 sia~ so much things to be done tonight

i think i don't be able to sleep today,
people! jiayou it is the last thing we need to do :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

not interested in anything.
P/S: they're suposingly in zouk now and enjoying
while here i am trying to rush out my CATS reflection

i've no idea why i am alway bumping into my future lecturer,
and also the MDE's director, like did they did that on purpose?
the school is so big, why am i alway seeing them and they'll go:
'hi, so how's life in NP now, coping well?' huahuahuas!

Mindwork - practically did nothing in class,
just some presentations on IT FAIR and do project
Lunch - Canteen 1 as usual, Ebi Don + Egg is nice :D
went to computer lab but none was open. like what!?
wanted to print report at IT helpdesk, wasted 45 mins there
and thankyou to kezia! for your laptop and help ^^
Engineering Math - presentation finally is over, hooraaayys!
Did exam paper, and i seriously need to start studying
the final exam is like on thursday! i certainly don't want to fail it
and waste my time retaking with the JAE students again
Quiz 2 sucks, but Mr Tan say if failed badly, he let us retake! :)
anw i forgot to bring my edison-chen-calculator to school,
so have to borrow from Mr Tan else my test will be gone case

ahhh! tomorrow have to stay back in school till like 8-9pm?
so i am gonna reach home late, dinner in school for the first time
nvmnvm, its the final lap! DPA-ians can tahan abit more right!
like other school's PPP is more slack lor. NPP is like so intensive
kota tinggi - oversea leadership camp that make the end of NPP.
i don't know if i should look forward to it or anything, hmmmm.

i was so freaking suey today when i was on my way home.
sat with a typical singaporean uncle who looked 'dirty'
i mean physically. and halfway he started digging his nose non-stop.
like i started to ponder, is there so many shits inside? knn
and the bus jammed from Bukit Panjang all the way till Kranji!
reached home already almost 7 liao. still need to do CATS reflection.

april faster come! i wanna meet my new classmates.
hopefully no chaoahlians/chaoahbengs. so low-class pleasee~

Monday, 10 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

stressed, stressed, stressed, stressed!
CATS presentation, i like the high heel's idea :)
ate Tuna Melt for lunch and went library to drink bubble tea,
slacked there before Sport & Wellness start, the 2nd last lesson
Aerobic's class was forever fun and relaxing. today was hip-hop!
we'll suppose to do the v shape by our foot, but my super bad habit:
i will move my foot to the shape of chinese character ''

i'll blog in chinese, for some particular reason :D

like you don't agree the above lines meh? *nodnod*
but this is certainly not racist, so don't bark here or anything :)
i just don't like that particular one, not all okay?
huahuahuas, nevermind. i don't suppose i'll see her in the future.

a way to de-stress = eat banana (quoted from mr elijah leeeeee)
DPA is ending soon and im sure i'll miss the friends i know here,
but of course not all obviously. though i love 99% of them :D

Sunday, 9 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

just got home and my left hand started bleeding,
i swear it is damn gross, and pain of course :(

today is a super busy sunday for me,
unlike the usual which i'l be at home sleeping soundly.
i certainly changed alot okay? i tried to attend lessons
proposal 2 is finally completed and im great that mr chen
say he like our ideas and thank us for the effort, ohyeahbaby!
rushed down to Admiralty to meet a buyer for collection.
i wonder why some people have no time management,
you fcuking know you don't live near then please for the fcuking
godness sake, wake up a little earlier instead of taking your time :)

went home for my so-called breakfast at 12pm, stylo-milo uh!
and off i go to bukit batok to meet herlina and filzah,
westmall to buy snacks first, obviously not the initial purpose
omg i love herlina's condo, its so neat and tidy. well-done sia ^^
but walking in the rain don't be my favourite hobby anymore.
started to build our beloved creative wheelchair first hurhurs

the next thing i know was sitting down infront of the laptop
and doing 16 surveys, like im a genius or what sia. cheater la :x
sms-ed miss tan twice, and i feel as if i was debating with her,
so that she have bascially no chance to reject my request -.-
and so she agreed to postpone the deadline for self-reflection.
ohbaby, it certainly did reduced my stress-level by 40% (craps!)
i went off at 6.30 or so, since im meeting elijah for dinner at cwp
of course i was late because bus 961 take forever to come!
used his laptop, a very hard to use one, to collate the survey's result,
i gave up halfway because he agreed to help me do it tonight :D :D
okay, i owe you one this time round, THANKYOUU MR ELIJAHHH!

i seriously have to go to bed earlier tonight,
like 1am or something cause i've to reach school by 8 tml!

Saturday, 8 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

wei hock says:
she is no longer the simple-minded girl
that we used to know 2 years ago at RedHill
she changed so much, i don't even dare to say she is my ex.

i know it is weird/random/crazy to start the post like this,
but i've no time to source for pictures and add captions,
you certainly don't understand how busy i am at this point of time.
anyone i do agree with weihock, to a large extent (OMG, this is so SBQ!)
we saw her a few days back, a totally changed hongkexin. hell true
she waved and smiled to us, but apparently we just walk off, away from her

Friday was bloody tiring, i even injured my toe at the IT fair.
fyi, it was supposed to be my 20th anni, but sort of meaningless.
once again, i hate coming for the NPP because it made me feel lifeless
everyday is like going to school, rush projects, study and study non-stop
i feel so robotic for doing the same things daily, 8 weeks somemore.
why didn't i choose to go to Clementi ITE's business course instead!?
The whole friday is all about Mindwork, the class and the IT fair visit
ohman, the school is so stingy, there isn't any transport at all.

just a brief summary for friday's robotic life:
- Elijah took 963 together with me to Bukit Panjang
- The first to reach the class so i started Viwawa-ing (Wahjong!)
- I learnt nothing in class today, oh so honour to say that
- Bus-ed to city hall, lunched there and went for IT fair
- Going there is meaningless when you already have laptops at home
- Math project discussion was cancelled but it made no differences,
(It is too late, he already went for extra classes which he didn't want)
- Reached home and cry myself to sleep for spoilting our 20th anni

ohfcukyou, i certainly hate you alot!

for a reason or so, this is my very first time spending my anni like this,
and i didn't even get to celebrate it or anything, not even today
but i am still veryvery happy that he made an effort to ensure that we meet
by accompanying me to take bus to school, at least it is 25mins together :)
anyway i spend 18 hours sleeping and then woke up by a phone call:
'can you come down to orchard and we discuss the proposal again?'
so i didn't go for the CATS project thingy, met eunice in school first to discuss
then we went orchard to discuss it further and i cancelled my YCK meeting
where i am supposed to be happily dating my boy and celebrating late 20th

girl, i hope you know that you're making me feel so fcuking stress

Thursday, 6 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

you made me feel stupid again.

i didn't managed to sleep in peace last night,
because i have yet to complete my revision on Engineering Math,
guess the Amath students don't even have to worry at all,
its like they have learnt it long ago, and have so much time to learn.
Ngee Ann really think we're genius seh! 1 day one chapter. knn
this whole week is so packed with projects dateline and presentations
poor Non-Amath students like me, its just so unfair and non-logical

7th March.; such a lovely day - 20th month
sad enough, i can't even make it to meet him for this day,
DPA stole away my private life. i need my personal time too.
projects are killing me, lets prepare for funeral eh!
boy, i'm really sorry. but you know i don't stop loving you, never :)

i dragged myself out of bed today, not that i am lazy
but i just got to say the injection yesterday = useless can!?
instead of getting better, my injuries sort of worsen sia
too bad, it is a blopdy thursday meaning 8 hours of math,
if i ever miss just one lesson, i might as well fail the module -.-
the con of being a non-Amath student. like once again. fcuk it!

Mr Tan if forever late, today he was 30mins late, wah!
like i am so not going to reach his lessons on time anymore, hahas
basically today's lesson plan is:
- teach & teach & teach
- MOL Revision Test on Complex Number
- teach & teach & teach again
- Presentation
and he released us early today, like ard 5pm or so la,
thanks god he kept to his promise for once :)

seventhjuly; i love Elijah Lee ^^
long or short relationship, i still treasure it.
my korean boy! woahwoahwoahs!

{filledwithlove} ;
p/s: lots and lots of love, because i love it
btw, if you don't know anything then please remain silent.
i just finished my mindwork's draft, yeah really very 'anyhow-do'
put brackets all around, ask lecturer fill in details ah =.-
i just installed my MS 2007, feel so damn stupid lor!
used to have the installation disc for free, but i told my brother:
its so hard to play around with it, just dump it la. i prefer MS 2003'
yeah and now i fcuking have to ay for $13.90 myself for the disc again

steph say next tuesday go zouk with besties.
anyone want? i can see my beloved angela there seh :D

Wednesday, 5 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

the injection.

i just reached home from the clinic,
and my wallet have 3 $10 notes gone after the trip.
my left hand is still is tremendous pain, injuries + injuries!
oh and plus carrying a 14.1 inch laptop to school. hurhurs
i hate injections, just a phobia since porimary 6 i think?
its been so long since i last had one, like 4 years plus already

CATS lesson was boring, woah i said that for the xxx time!
spent my time msn-ing in class, instead of doing project,
headed to OurSpace @ 72 to continue and wait for the buffet.
sadly, must split into groups according to your course,
once again my course's director came to find me and chat,
asked about my horrible O level result, and asking about life in NP

did i say i seriously hate to split into group 8?
the people there are like those quiet one, or they're so out of my world
i never did see them before, maybe passed by, never caught my attention
so i was like kept telling my GL: 'eh can i change group please!' and he say no
the buffet was alright, and finally he allowed to me anyhow sit in the cinema
my Nachos was finished way before the movie ended, huahuas~
anyway nice movie i must say! took MRT with one of the GL together
since she live in sembawang, slept in to MRT. like so shiok

i just got myself a 3 days MC for my disabled left hand -.-
but i suppose i'll still be attending lessons as usual,
cause it is the last few weeks already :]

im still strucked at math

Tuesday, 4 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

a wrong time to come blogspot.com
because i should be doing my assignments! :)

i am drowning from the amount of work given.

injured my hand again, during the bus ride home,
even before my old injuries are completely healed. ohmygod!
carrying the laptop to school is such a troublesome act,
but at least the purpose behind it wasn't to play online games :D

Something that really make my day this morning:
As usual, when i was on my way to Admiralty to take bus,
i saw someone so familiar, one that i've not seen for 1 month!
Guess who she was, tatatata! Its the QC lady from Flextronic Plastic
WOAHS! darling, i really miss you and the fun we used to have
whenever i was doing kona or stealth testing, beautiful memories
think i saw zhou yan too, together with zhi guang, the 'dao' line-leader
Furthermore, the QC lady held my hand and say she missed me alot alot

i just came out from the washroom after a long bathing session,
relaxing~ but now its time to fight it hard again,
time for Math Presentation which is just 2 days away.
something i really need to do is to reassure myself once again,
hopefully i don't break the promise like how i alway do :D
hurhurs, i realised how bad my mathematics is now, saddening
so i only love my math teacher, mrs goh, and not the subject math -.-
but i am really glad to have a great team mate who is willing
to guide me through questions that i've doubts on, ohthanks!

feel so screwed right now, i can't even move my left hand,
wondering if i can still use it to carry my heavy laptop tml :(
what if the bus is so packed just like today, anyway i regretted,
for rejecting Elijah's offer of accompanying me to school today
at least i will have someone to help me carry my laptop to class!
whatever, the chance is gone. he have lessons tomorrow too, awww

oh so, today's life in school was alright,
i have no mood to talk at all in the morning lor
ohmyohmy, what happened my dear!? huahuas
i'm missing someone now, i do feel a lil guilty here&there

Monday, 3 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

im going on an anti-blogspot strike
because they just ate my longer post ever! damnit

VB 2008 camp's devil
omfg. i am such an angel to order pizza for you guys! :D

i just has a semi internal dialouge with myself,
conclusion is such that i should stop being angry with people
and expecting them to do at least their very own part of work.
so now i am gotten relax myself and try to think positive in such:
1. She is lazy, showing that i am very hardworking and nice!
2. She says i am racist, showing how racist she herself is
3. I'll be a good leader for once, without her help at all

oh shihui, i must say i love your point of view!
and i've decided to stop ponning school/lessons,
be a good girl, colour my hair black again, high socks
this should be done when i am in secondary school, not poly!

i think i owe some people in corners of the world,
or perhaps just around the country that is a red dot on the world's map.
be it ten years or fifteen years ago, if i ever hurt you in one way or another,
heres my sincere apologize to you, maybe its your fault actually,
but still i'll be kind and take the first step to say: SORRY!

but the first person i should apologize to should be my parent,
in many ways, i've hurt them deeply since primary school.
stealing money from house when i was in seconday 1,
touching cigaratte when i was in secondary 2,
i doubt anyone in school knows about it, only my besties like mike
taking up the courage to confess every single bad things i've done.
i know my academic results was never good, apart from that,
don't attend school regularly, attendance is so sucky now and then :(
'O' level was totally screwed up, but thanks god i got into DPA

and lastly to my dearest boyf,
you're great, just that i am not a good girlf. thanks for everything
every single bits of your actions - i never did forgot :)

okays, i've took up much courage for these,
so now for today's decent post, hurhurs :D

CATS was alright, i pretty much forgot what i've learnt,
Lunchbreak is alway lunch + project discussions. used to it
SNW was fun, i kinda like the line-dancing, like please stop laughing!
it wasn't those type when you see old people wearing cowboy hat in CC!
and i have yet to decide on what CCA i should join when april start,
the choices still rotates around volleyball and other choices.
i thought of taking up extra module to learn spanish or something?
as you know i'll be damn free when poly officially starts :D

fyi, i just started on my mindwork quiz's revision,
i am pretty stress from all the DPA work and school's proposal
but i know i can still continue, after much internal conflict.
like the devil and angel talking inside your mind, kind of funny or what
for once i am having a real fever after bluffing for MC(s) recently,
no matter what i got to crawl my way to ngee ann poly tomorrow
cause i know i can't afford to miss Math lessons when i already
don't have a basic 'A' Math foundation which other have :(

thanks everyone who made VB camp 2008 a success!

i think i am inviting trouble for myself once again,
to actually shout some indian boys from AES in bus 961

Sunday, 2 March 2008
neoshihui entertained you once again! :)

i've never been so stress in my life,
especially when i merely just work up from sweet dream

yesterday was so great, i love online shopping. weees
i got sweet spree-ers this time round can? omg
chatting on msn with a stranger, about which spree(s) to open
finally i found a hat site larh! those that i've been eye-ing for
so dotties, help and support: http://www.helloha-x.blogspot.com/ :]

but today was so different from yesterday,
i woke up at 12pm which was 3 hours earlier than my normal time.
the greatest mistake i did was going online, because i nearly die
from the tremendous amount of conversations.
projects, proposals, assignments! ah fcuk sia. give me a break
i just woke up, you can't expect my mind to be operating so fast eh!?
so i just went on a 'appear offline' status, peace finally achieved

omg, i feel so racist, so i decided to remove the sentences,
but hell yes. i tend to be damn racist at time. what can you do?
woahhhh! i am still in love with Edison Chen, don't bitch about him!
anti-dawnyang, like when have i ever love or admire her? *puke*
i nearly broke my right arm just now, its so painful~
and i hope someone will go and bomb NP, so that i don't have to
attend those classes, waking up at 6.30. like such an idiot.

I HATE MALAY GIRLS! (okay in just joking la)
you got to have super good eyesight to read the above :]

love her, not hate her

Forever NPP CLASS OF 2008! :D
*IMPT date: 10 September
2 side of her: angel or devil
depending on your attitude,
lians and bengs are low-class
unfriendly creatures fcuk off!
she miss EVG 4 Respect 2007


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